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DSE / VDU or Workstation Assessments

It is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended) for employers to undertake suitable and sufficient DSE (Display Screen Equipment), VDU (Visual Display Unit) or Work Station Assessments for all their employees who are regular users of computers.

A regular and intense use of computers is associated with neck, shoulder, back and arm pain, fatigue and eyestrain. The term RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) is commonly used to describe a number of hand, wrist, arm and shoulder related conditions including Occupational Overuse Syndrome, Work-related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD), Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Failing to comply with the Regulations normally results in costly claims brought against the employers.

At SafeScope our highly qualified and experienced team in occupational health matters have assisted a number of our valued Clients in compliance with the Regulations and also in undertaking DSE / VDU or Workstation Assessments at Clients' workplaces in a supportive, efficient and cost effective manner.

We also provide training to the nominated employee(s) in undertaking DSE / VDU / Workstation Assessments at their workplaces.

Please contact us if you need assistance with the DSE / VDU / Workstation assessments, related regulatory compliance or indeed with any other occupational health related matters.

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