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How It Works


The manuals are put together in our standard formats, please see few examples of our templates on the right hand side. However, we make every effort to work around your reasonable requirements, if you prefer your own template or would like to make any changes to our standard templates.

Electronic vs Hardcopy

We currently produce all manuals in an electronic format and issue them as a PDF format on CD/DVD disks. Finalised manual can be printed as hard copy (if required).

Information Collation for the Manual

We will request from you a list of your contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers and their relevant input in the project. We will then contact them ourselves for the required information for the manual.

Duration / Time Frame

You will appreciate that it does take time to chase all your contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, collate the information and put it together. Hence more notice and time we get the better it makes to achieve the target deadline. As a rough estimate a duration of month is a good start, however, we will try our level best if it is more urgent than a month.

Please allow for more time for larger projects (typically say above £1m construction cost), where number of parties to chase is greater

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