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Health and Safety Inspection and Audits

We provide independent health and safety inspections and audit services for your organisation to provide reassurance and peace of mind that the current health and safety arrangements in place comply with the legal and best practice requirements. Our inspections and audit act as a proactive monitoring method to identify the issues as early as possible before they result in a health and safety incident or accident.

Our inspections and audit service includes carrying out a thorough site visit to identify any shortcomings in the current health and safety arrangements (and recognise good practices) and preparation of a report which identifies issues where improvements may be required, suggested action plan and target completion time scales where applicable.

Our inspections and audit service is focused on supporting the relevant staff in understanding the legislative and best practice requirements and assist them in rectifying any short comings in a practical and sensible manner.

Our aim is not to nitpick, unnecessarily find holes or be awkward but to help identify the issues with real risk to health and safety from an independent external perspective in a supportive way.

The level of detail covered in the health and safety inspections and/or audits and the presentation style varies in accordance with the Client requirements. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this service.

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