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Health and Safety Policies

A written health and safety policy is a legal requirement for any organisation or business employing 5 or more employees.

A good health and safety policy demonstrates how seriously an organisation or business takes its health and safety obligations and responsibilities and cares about its employees, visitors, sub-contractors and general public.

The important thing to consider in your health and safety policy is that it should reflect the specific activities of the company and should be proportional to the level of health and safety risks of the organisation instead of being a catch all, off the shelf type generic and unnecessarily huge document.

A good, concise health and safety policy reflects the standards of any organisation or business and creates a good impression, confidence and trust in the organisation for its Clients and customers.

Depending on the size and activities of the organisation or business, a number of health and safety related policies are also developed in addition to the main health and safety policy. For example driving at work policy, alcohol and drugs policy etc. This establishes a clear understanding of the issues and ensures compliance with the law and best practice.

Whether you have a policy that needs amending or updating or if you have no policy, at SafeScope we will be pleased to help your organisation or business in developing a specific health and safety policy or policies fulfilling the legislative requirements and current best practice.

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